Renewable Energy, Energy Access and Minigrids

OnePower Lesotho provides affordable and reliable electricity services to rural communities in developing countries, giving families, schools, health clinics, and local businesses the opportunity to thrive.

OnePower’s passion lies with innovating economically-viable solutions to provide electricity services to communities living outside of central grid service. To achieve this, OnePower capitalizes on technical design and vertical integration to customize, build, and operate economically and environmentallly sustainable energy systems. Our business model has been honed by input from a number of energy specialists and financial advisors from the EU’s RECP initiative, with the goal of maintaining the balance between shareholder returns and affordable electricity prices.

OnePower has been working on the inter-dependent technical and economic aspects of rural electrification for some years, resulting in (1) an optimized design process with sizing and layout of our energy systems targeted at expected load profiles (generate only what is needed); (2) vertical integration: wherever possible locally manufactured technology for key components is used, thereby also generating jobs and ensuring long term project sustainability; (3) partnerships: OnePower has nurtured crucial collaborations with numerous critical stakeholders in the energy sector in Lesotho, including the Department of Energy, the Ministry of Communications Science and Technology, the Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (regulator), and rural Basotho communities. Through this unique approach combined with a low cost of capital, OnePower can provide electricity to its customers at an affordable rate.