PAOP/USAID Clinic Project

OnePower’s health clinic electrification project provides renewable energy to 7 Partners in Health (PIH)
clinics disconnected from the grid in rural areas of Lesotho. The installations utilize a hybrid solar system
consisting of solar PV, battery storage, and backup generators.

OnePower partnered with Cape Town-based Sustain Solar, who offers a containerized solution enabling
quick deployment, and Power Africa, who provides grant funding through the US government’s COVID-
19 response. Through this collaboration, OnePower is delivering clean (and quiet) electricity that is
essential for storing vaccines, treating patients at night, and running medical equipment.

“My heart is so touched,” said Meriam Sesiu, the head nurse at the PIH clinic at Manamaneng. “Day in,
day out, turning the generator on, the diesel level, the sound . . . really it was hectic for us. Silent power
is with us now.”