The Energy Access Fellowship give students, graduates, and professionals the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the renewable energy sector.


The OnePower Lesotho Energy Access Fellowship provides opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals to learn about the energy access sector and acquire hands-on experience in renewable energy engineering design and community engagement.

Fellows are based in Maseru, Lesotho and typically commit to 3-12 months of tenure.

Pictures of Fellows at Work

Fellow Candise demonstrating results of smart meter measurements to 1PWR team and potential investors.
Fellows Shakes and Candise working on 1PWR's distribution grid infrastructure at Ha Makebe.
Fellow Phylicia working on smart meters with Mandla and Makoanyane.
Fellows Phylicia and Erika on a field trip.

Current Fellows

Thandolwethu ‘Shakes’ Dlamini

Junior in Mechanical Engineering, Duke University

Fellowship Tenure: 2018-2019

Shakes grew up in Swaziland and has been passionate about energy access ever since helping to expand the electricity grid in his home country. He is interested in all things energy, from programming and installing smart meters to working on 66 Kilovolt transmission lines. At Duke, Shakes has been an active member of the community and created the Duke Amandla Chorus, an African choir, for which he recruited 18 members and with which he introduced African music on campus.

Phylicia Cicilio

PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University

Fellowship Tenure: 2018-2019

Phylicia is originally from Vermont and is now a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at Oregon State University. She focuses on the reliability of microgrids, with particular interest in rural environments and communities. She has pursued education and work with the overarching goal of providing sustainable energy for all, ranging from chemical engineering to electrical engineering and working as an energy efficiency engineer.

Bethlehem Taye

Business Intelligence Analyst, Kaspersky Lab

Fellowship Tenure: 2018-2019

Beth received her Master of Science degree in Information Technology with a focus on Management Information Systems (MIS) from Clark University. Upon graduation, she worked at Kaspersky Lab as a Business Intelligence Analyst. While her main role focused on working with the business software tool Salesforce, she also worked closely with different departments to provide data analytics solutions. Beth is interested in learning how renewable energy technologies can be used in areas that have limited resources. This experience will enhance her knowledge of these systems and build a foundation for her future studies on renewable energy technology.

Candise Henry

PhD in Earth & Ocean Sciences, Duke University

Fellowship Tenure: 2018-2019

Candise received her Ph.D. in Earth Science at Duke University in 2018. Her research was focused on modeling the influence of externally- versus internally-driven geological processes on coastal morphology and basin architecture for use in oil and gas exploration. She also has an interest in energy systems and has published research examining the impacts of climate change on power production in the U.S.  Prior to her time at Duke, she received her Bachelor’s in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Columbia University. Candise was born in Taiwan but currently lives in North Carolina.

Erika Francks – Fulbright Fellow

B.S. in Environmental Studies, Santa Clara University

Fellowship Tenure: 2018-2019

Erika grew up in Washington State in the US, where she often backpacked with her family in the various mountain ranges throughout the state. She currently lives in San Francisco, California and graduated from Santa Clara University in 2017 with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a minor in MIS. Erika became passionate about off-grid electrification after visiting an un-electrified village while on a fellowship in Kolkata, India in 2015, and returned the following summer to do research for a solar energy social enterprise in the same region. For the past two years, Erika has studied the potential of solar microgrids, and is excited to join OnePower in Lesotho to continue this research.

Past Fellows

Anjali Katta

Junior in Engineering Physics, Stanford University

Fellowship Tenure: 2018

Anjali is a Junior studying Engineering Physics and pursuing an honors in the Center for Democracy Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University. Anjali is interested in the intersection between technology and development, particularly energy access and mobile technology. Anjali is fascinated by the physics behind everything from micro grids to solar panels. Anjali also cares deeply about women’s right and violence against women and is active in many on campus groups that support survivors.

Bataung Mohapi

Junior in Mechanical Engineering, Duke University

Fellowship Tenure: 2018

Bataung grew up in Lesotho, well aware of rural electrification hurdles that the country faces. Bataung is a Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Certificate student at Duke University. At Duke Bataung has been a part of two research groups that seek to develop affordable new technology for renewable electricity generation: Dr. Stiff Robert’s group and Dr. Hotz’s group. Bataung also has a keen interest in mobile power systems such as jets and electric cars.